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     “If you are considering couples counselling to navigate a difficult time or even improve communication and learn strategies to handle relationship conflict, you have made the right decision to come here. Although we were initially hesitant to seek help, it has proven to be a big turning point in our relationship and we feel we gained a lot by showing up for each other and ourselves in this setting. In working with Milo, our experience has been extremely positive, and a journey of rediscovery of each other. He is a well-trained professional and a master at helping us to unravel deep emotional knots to see things more objectively, while at the same time, offering great strategies to improve communication and manage these situations in the future. We highly recommend Milo Wu and wish you all the best!”

Andy & Gloria

     "Milo is everything you'd ever want in a counsellor, he is very knowledgeable, experienced and empathetic. You can tell he puts 100% of himself into the sessions and truly understands your perspective. He was able to help articulate the thoughts and feelings of my partner and I in a way very few people can. Thanks to Milo, the bond between my partner and I is stronger than ever!"

Laura & Jack

        "Milo is the definition of compassion.  He is thorough with his sessions and incredibly patient.  I trusted him with everything I said and felt like I had a safe space to be open. He asked me about things that I had never even considered, which helped me gain better understanding and awareness. He taught me the most valuable piece of information – that I need to stand up for my voice, even when everything and everyone is telling me to be quiet. I left every session feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders."


      “We are tremendously grateful for the practical and achievable strategies Milo has provided for us. Our relationship had become hard to understand and hard to navigate. Milo has assisted in creating a safe space to have discussions, and as a non-biased advocate, Milo championed for acceptance in the relationship we value so much.  Most especially, we value Milo’s ability to listen and excavate to the core of our issues without making the experience too overwhelming to handle.  Because of these experiences, we are learning to identify and accept lovingly all the parts of ourselves we bring into the relationship. We are grateful for our brave work and for the skill, empathy and genuine understanding Milo has created in our sessions.  We celebrate this work as an irreplaceable life skill.”

Barb & Mark

      "I sought out Milo at a very low point in my life.  He was very considerate of my troubles and approached them with an ideal balance of presence, vulnerability and intention.  He connected seemingly disconnecting aspects of my stories and was able to reflect a comprehensive understanding of myself.  Today, I use that same understanding to make informed and sound choices in my day-to-day.  I appreciate everything Milo has done and continue to do with my growth."


     "We reached out to Milo for premarital counselling support. Milo provided us with a safe environment to explore our differences; in the process we gained a better understanding of each other.  We are equipped with invaluable tools that will help us navigate our future together as a couple. Thank you for all your support and help, Milo."

Karen & Joe

    "I was struggling with parenting and was not truly enjoying time with our kids. I was in an unhealthy cycle of ruptures and then feeling crappy about it. I didn't understand my triggers or why I was feeling and acting the way I was. Through my time with Milo, I've really come to understand myself, my triggers and my feelings which have allowed me to approach and handle parenting more positively. I have a new calm and happiness when deep in the day to day craziness that can be parenting, and it's enabled me to feel a deeper and more authentic connection with our kids. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about how much Milo has helped me and changed our lives."


       "Milo has been helping me through a very difficult time in my life. I was newlywed with a newborn baby and my relationship with my spouse was deteriorating at an alarming rate due to all of our new life's stresses and role changes. I sought out Milo at one of the lowest points in our marriage for counselling and advice on how to improve the situation at home.  Milo has been understanding, caring, insightful and patient with me. As many of our earlier sessions I was in a complete desolate state. My emotional "bucket" was drained dry. Milo has given me strategies to handle my difficulties at home, listened attentively to my issues and, comforted me through my break downs. Milo has gone above and beyond to help the situation between my spouse and I, for this I am so grateful. It has been an uphill battle for me, even till this day. Owing to Milo's persistent guidance, it's a battle that I know I can overcome eventually.  I would recommend Milo to anyone who's been in similar predicaments as I have."


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